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Vietnam - Hoi An
Nguyet Thu Tailoring in Hoi An
One of the attractions in Hoi An that not everyboby knows is the tailoring overthere. You can have the really nice suits, dresses, shirts...made there very quickly for your own style and size with a good quality. The price is quite cheap in compare with any other place in Vietnam and in the Asia area.
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Vietnam - Central Vietnam
Golf courses, spectacular nature, falls, creeks, favorite's locals' honeymoon destination, great selection of flowers and art exhibitions.
Vietnam - North
Ha Long Bay
Calm water in the bay combined with the natural beauty offer great tranquility and peaceful state of mind. Considered as the world's Eighth Wonders, Ha Long bay is worthwhile to visit. The Canadian dollars go a long way in Vietnam and this makes it even better.
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Vietnam - Nga Trang
Mama Hann's Boat Trip
Fantastic day out on the inner harbour, enjoying the sun, great food and Local beer.
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