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Tanzania - Kilimanjaro
Conservation of Mount Kilimanjaro Environment
The mountain is important, not only to the tourists who visit and the farmers who live on the slopes, but to many downstream users. Runoff from Kilimanjaro supplies the Pangani River, which flows over 200 miles to empty into the Indian Ocean. Water from the Pangani is an important and widely competed-for commodity in this rain-poor region. Usage of the river water by smallholders, large scale farmers, high-usage rice farmers, and domestic users along its length decreases river flow.Mount Kiliman....
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Tanzania - Kilimanjaro
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro travel tips Tanzania
Climb slowly to increase your acclimatisation time and maximise your chances of reaching the summit. To avoid altitude sickness, allow a minimum of five nights, preferably even more for the climb. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of the mountain.-Use Mountain Climbing Outfitter (Tour Operator) which is licensed. The Legal company have employed Well trained and experienced Mountain Guides. These Professional Mountain Guides are trained and licensed by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority.....
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Tanzania - Kilimanjaro
Travel tips for Tourists going to Tanzania
Travel tips and wildlife safari information(A) Travel, vacation holidays to Tanzania. The most stunning tourist attractions in Tanzania are those natural resources available in Tanzania which are unique and found only in Tanzania. (i) Mount Kilimanjaro National Park: The highest mountain in Africa 5895m/19340ft, with its peak covered with snow throughout the year. It is a volcanic mountain and easier mountain for normal people (without technical expert) can climb successful. There are six route....
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