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Thailand - Chon Buri
Volunteer Primary School Teaching
This project is designed to give volunteers the opportunity to help out directly in a community. This two week to three month long program will allow the volunteer to teach English in a small primary school, as well as work on a variety of different development or building projects. You will have an opportunity to experience and learn about thai cooking and to work on a development building Activities.The children need help finding fluent English speakers so that they may have the opportunity t....
Thailand - Chon Buri
The Elephant and Mahout Friendly Project
The Elephant and Mahout Friendly Project has been developed in order to help the femal elephants and mahouts who live at this park. By means of creating jobs and providing financial support we hope that they can stay together at the nursing home forever and may have the opportunity for an easy and pleasant future.You will not only learn how to ride your elephant but also how to care for it and management including safe living environment in femal elephants and their mahout families within elepha....
Thailand - Chon Buri
Jomtien beach
Jomtien Beach one of beaches destination in Pattaya, Thailand There is more thana million tourists visit the beach each year to share the hot weather, hot foodand hot girls. Jomtien Beach is located in south east of Bangkok and can bereached by normal highway, taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours andapproximately 20 minutes from south Pattaya. Jomtien has become more popular forswimming, water sports and activities due to its long straight cost line andwhite sand.Along the straight beach road....
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