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China - Beijing
Kids under 120cm get free admission
Kids under 120cm get free travel on the bus and subway network in Beijing. Also many attractions allow kids under that height to get free entry. This applied at the Temple of Heaven and some other parks in Beijing.
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China - Beijing
forbidden city
where the kings live in the olden time
China - Tibet
Trekking in Tibet
This is a 4 day trek through some beautiful and challenging high passes. It starts at Ganden Monastery, which used to be one of the biggest Monastastic community's in Tibet (Before the chinese desroyed it). Stay 1 night hear, and start out to Hebo Village the next day. pass over Shugala pass 5200m, and Chitala pass 5000m, camping in the snow. Hire a yak from Hebo to carry your backpacks (don't attempt to carry them yourself till you've passed chitaLa pass). Then walk t....
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China - Yunnan
Old Well Guest House
Very friendly Naxi Style Guest House. Play Mahjong, drink Tea and Eat with the staff and owners. Also very cheap !
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