Take the Bus in Mexico!
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Country: Mexico
Region: Mexico
Cost: Matamoros to Mexico City is about $40
Date: 26th May 2003
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Take the Bus in Mexico! That's right. Most people have a vision in their minds of Mexican buses that are dirty and full of very poor country people carrying chickens in cages. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mexican buses are immaculate. They are far more comfortable and cleaner than American bus lines. They have spacious chairs with plenty of room to sleep on overnight rides. They even have first run American movies in English with Spanish subtitles. You can travel by bus from Matamoros or Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City in 12 hours. The bus drivers are extemely friendly. Most speak some English. And they make frequent stops at first class rest areas for snacks and bathroom breaks every 3 hours or so. The price from Matamoros to Mexico City is about $40.00. You'll see a lot of beautiful country on the way. Don't drive in Mexico. Let others do the driving for you.

Posted by: Brian Nicholls
Date: Monday, 07th April 2003 10:59 PM
Get a life, You have to be an American. What's the point of travel if you insulate yourself from the local people, who wave from their windowless houses as you glide by in your insulated coach, windows frosted under the relentless air conditioning. My friend and I travelled throughout the Yucatan and down south into Guatemala into Belise and back to Mexico City. We travelled mostly by ex American school buses painted in garish colours- complete with Betal nut slime trails from the windows- we called them 'chicken busses' (they always seem to have live chickens on them) amongst other things. they are very very cheap and stop for anyone, nobody is refused. It gets friendly and crowded but always good natured. We also used the coaches a couple of times but found them quiet and similar to European travel. Yeah go for the coaches but try the long distance chicken busses for a real experience, and meet people who enjoy life at a slower pace. Live a little.
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