Hidden Cave Near Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Posted by Tommy Huynh - Tommy[at]Lumika dot org
Country: Guatemala
Region: Rio Dulce
Website: www.lumika.org
Date: 04th October 2002
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Location: Not found in many guidebooks but known to some locals, there is a large cave near Finca El Paraiso just outside of Rio Dulce. To get there, go to the hot spring waterfalls at Finca El Paraiso but continue upstream fo ~45 minutes. You will eventually see the cave that the river comes out from. Bring a waterproof flashlight and swim on inside. The cave continues for another 1/2 mile or so, and there will be parts where you will have to climb and parts where you will have to swim. It is well worth the trouble because inside you will find a mindblowing series of waterfalls and stalagtites.

A beautiful series of subterranean waterfalls and stalagtites inside a cave.

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