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Australia - Queensland
Mackay Queensland
If you travel to Mackay in Queensland you’ll find quite a large city with many different things to explore. Mackay has long been regarded as the gateway to the Whitsunday’s and is also a good place to step off if you wish to explore the Central Queensland coal mines, Eungella national park or one of the many local attractions such as the pioneer river, Northern beaches or sugar cane Mills. Many tourists see Mackay mainly as a stepping off point for the Whitsunday islands or to the Great Barr....
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Australia - Queensland
Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter
It's a great day out! It's all very well run and has heaps of native animals.It's spread over a huge area and most animals are in large enclosures. These isquite a lot of walking involved to see everything but the free train helps. Foodis available but wasn't great and rather expensive as you might expect. Heaps ofplaces to eat a packed lunch..
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Australia - Queensland
The Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge is a naturally formed rock arch over Cave Creek (theheadwaters of the Nerang River). It was formed from a waterfall which undercut acave beneath the waterfall and dug a pothole on top, until the two joined andthe creek flowed through the cave, leaving an arch across the front.The bridge is in the territory of the local Kombumerri aboriginal people (afamily group of the Yugambeh language peoples). The first Europeans to find itare said to be timber cutters Alexander (Sandy) Dun....
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Australia - Queensland
Stradbroke Island
There is many camping areas, some great relaxing beaches and some good surfing beaches. Straddie is very popular among 18-23yr olds in the uni holidays. Stradbroke also has a few fantastic freshwater lakes.
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Australia - Queensland
Fraser Island
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (120km long covering an area of 166,036 ha). Fraser Island can only be seen by 4 wheel drive vehicles and you should allow at least 2 days to view the island. Rainbow Beach also offers magnificent rainbow coloured sand cliffs with 74 differens shades of sand (Aboriginal Sacred Site). Go paragliding, Sky diving, Scuba diving with reef fish at wolf rock, view crystal clear fresh water lakes.
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Australia - Queensland
Chenrezig Institute for Buddhist Study and Retreat
Chenrezig was established in the early 70s with the philosophy of creating a place where young westerners could study the profundities of Tibetan Buddhism in their own language. Although Chenrezig is of interest for it`s colourful and ornate Tibetan fixtures, such as the Gompas (Tibetan for "place of meditation"), Prayer Wheels, and the Stupa (symbolic sculpture), it`s no Tibetan theme park. Its unique provision of informal yet authentic teaching has attracted students and teacher....
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Australia - Queensland
surfers paradise
many clubs full of ozzy women who just love british guys, pulling is easy!!
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Australia - Queensland
Goodnight Scrub National Park
Secluded natural eucalypt forest bush camping ground. Nice river, fishing, retreat to drink a couple of brews. You won't be bugged my many others. Camping is essential
Australia - Queensland
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
This is a fanastic family park with all sorts of Aussie wildlife. There is plenty of Koala to look at and you can even hold on if you want, there is also a large area with Kangaroo's. When I was there there was plenty of Joeys in their pouches and you could even touch mum and baby. You need at least half a day here and there is even picnic spots provided. EVen got to see a Tasmanian Devil, Wombat and also dingoes.
Australia - Queensland
Fraser Ireland
Fraser Island is a sand island that is mostly covered in tropical forest and has a number of fresh water lakes and streams that make great swimming. It's unfortantly dangerous to swim in the sea. The bus tours are very well run and include everything you could need.
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